Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bush Interview – 23rd Annual Almost Acoustic Christmas

Photo: Alex Rauch

Bush was one of the most riveting performances of last night, which Gavin Rossdale will always humbly attribute to the “power of hard work.” For a while, fans didn’t expect to hear any new Bush, but about two years ago, the band came back together full force.
Rossdale said in an interview with Stryker that the “journey over two years has been unbelievable.” “It was unprecedented in the sense of having our own label and that sort of stuff. And the support from you guys and just playing and playing and playing. Here we are now and it just feels like it’s the end of two years of work. That’s maybe why I feel so anxious. I feel anxious. I don’t normally feel this anxious because this is a hometown show. KROQ’s been so instrumental in my life so I want to do a great show for the station. I want to do a great show for the people. And I mainly want to impress my wife.”

Watch  interview HERE

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